Jean Pelichet

The old printing technology  
(the typographer shows the printed sheet)

    The complete demonstration lasts three quarters of an hour, because it consists in four parts:

– Presentation on the first book printed by Gutenberg and his collaborators;
– Inking and printing of a 18x24 cm sheet, on the Gutenberg press;
– Demonstration of hand casting (racks);
– Explanation of the cupper engraving (etching and intaglio).

   Moreover, each visitor becomes a small bag, that contains:

– a printed sheet by our press (similar to the one made during the demonstration);
– a sketch of the press (with the technical terms of the various parts of the press);
– a technical sheet (printing alloy, typographical measurements, older formats, etc.);
– and a double-sized little sheet, called «Origine graphique de l'alphabet».

   As well as :
– a technical note „Gutenberg and the 42 lines Latin Bible“ in english.

The Videos section allows you to watch a short film lasting 5 and a half minutes.
For those who wish, a second, more complete 17-minutes film is available.

In the same section, it is possible to obtain a short overview of the four technical files (attached to the printed text), then given to visitors to “Espace Gutenberg”.